The main purpose of counselling is to provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental and confidential manner. When given this time, to reflect upon present circumstances, dilemmas or challenging situations, often clarity and insight flow more easily.  

Embarking on a course of counselling can provide the tools to get through the tough times. It can also provide the space to learn a little more about ourselves. To feel heard in an objective manner may help to digest a painful experience, unscramble our thoughts and enable us to take responsibility for our actions and decisions. Taking a look at how we interact with the others can help uncover patterns of relating and how we attempt to keep ourselves emotionally safe, which ultimately can lead to more harmonious relationships and give greater confidence to handle different situations.   

There is often a stage in everyone's life when they feel something needs to change, whether that is to be more confident, less anxious or to feel more open and connected to loved ones. Maybe there's a need to make a material change or alter the course of their life but cannot fathom out how. Perhaps life is changing around them and they feel unprepared for it or they feel out of sync with their life. All of these situations are naturally occurring and each and every one of us is faced with such dilemmas at some time or another. It is at these times counselling is very beneficial as it allows us to consider all the options open to us and helps us move towards realising our true potential. 

Counselling enables us to take ownership of our life and to connect our inner truth i.e. what is real for us, what moves us and what matters to us. Often emotional discomfort arises i.e. anger, depression, anxiety etc. when, outside of our awareness, we live by someone else's values. Identifying feelings that we spend a huge amount of energy avoiding, is not only empowering but it frees up inner resources to build confidence and focus on areas of purpose and meaning in our lives.

Counselling can be deemed a journey of self-discovery .. or rediscovery!