What can EFT be used for

EFT is proving that it can be applied to any emotional issue and can be used to work alongside medical treatments* and talking therapies, if applicable.

*EFT should never replace medical treament but when used in conjuction with medical treament it may allow access to some of the limiting beliefs or emotions that may be hampering healing. It may also provide a self-help tool to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety about an illness. 

EFT can assist with: 

♦  Worry, nerves, anxiety, panic attacks & depression

♦  Addictions (smoking, drinking)

♦  Disordered eating

♦  Phobias

♦  Low self-esteem and lack of confidence 

♦  Relating and relationships

♦  Stress management

♦  Anger management

♦  Traumatic experiences

♦  Unresolved issues