Provided to clients when they embark in counselling or EFT

I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and I need to let you know what information I collect, what it is used for and how long it will be kept when you engage in therapy.  Your information will only be used to provide therapy to you. It will not be passed to anyone else for marketing purposes. If you have subscribed to receive newsletters or information of forthcoming events please refer to the Privacy Policy on my website,, for details as to how this is used and protected.

What data do I collect when you engage in therapy with me and why do I need it?

Name and date of birth –  for identifying purposes during therapy and in the event of a complaint.

Address – to contact you, send information, if applicable, and for identifying purposes as above.

Phone number/s & email address – to arrange appointments and to provide telephone counselling and/or information, if applicable, during the period of therapy.

Doctor’s details – if it becomes evident you are a risk to yourself, I may contact your doctor. I would endeavour to discuss this disclosure beforehand and jointly agree a way forward.

Personal Information – Some of the personal and sensitive information you share in therapy is recorded on session notes which are used to refresh my understanding of your situation and to track progress.

How will I store your data?

The Contact Sheet you completed together with this signed Privacy Statement and Conditions of Therapy & Working Together are kept in a secure cabinet accessed via lock and key.

Session notes which are paper based are kept in another separate cabinet accessed via lock and key.

Your first name and contact numbers are held within my business mobile which is code protected.

Your email address and some emails are held in my website webmail account & accessed via a password.

Will I share your data and if so who will I share it with and for what purpose?

It is very unlikely that I will share your data however the following instances may arise:

Your Doctor or other agencies to keep you or others from harm. Prior agreement will be sought from you where possible.

If required to do so by law.

Some of your personal data may be shared anonymously with my professional Supervisor. Only your first name may be used and any other identifying information will be withheld from discussions.  This is to ensure that I am working in your best interest, in line with the code of ethics of the professional bodies regulating the services I provide.

If counselling is arranged or paid for by a third party i.e. employer or parent. The content of the sessions will not be disclosed to the third party. An invoice may be presented to a third party.

Employee Assisted Program referrals often require progress reports and details of a client risk status is a condition of the provision of therapy.  The terms of the relevant EAP will be explained at the outset.

If I am unable to contact you due to being incapacitated, your first name and telephone number will be passed to my appointed Professional Executor who will contact you to let you know. They will also be responsible for destroying client records if I am unable to do so.

What data will I keep after the therapy has ended, how long for and how is it destroyed?

The Contact Sheet you completed detailing your name, telephone numbers, email address and doctor will be kept for a limited period after the last therapy session or when it becomes evident you are no longer in therapy and then will be shredded.

Your mobile number will be deleted from my mobile and your email address will be deleted from my webmail account.

This signed document and the signed Conditions of Counselling & Working Together and session notes will be kept for 7 years, the period my professional insurance specifies, and then be shredded.

Do you agree to Jane Ross-Wheatley using your data in this way?

Please specify your decision: I do / do not agree: _______________________________________________

Name:      _______________________________________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________    Date: _______________________________

Data Protection Concerns - If you have any concerns about I have handled your data, you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office or by phone on 0303 123 1113.